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The Bible is a religious history with myths written by non-divine men.

Would God allow prolonged suffering & misery for billions of years?

There was no world-wide flood wiping out almost everybody.

The Celtic Christian Church used a different mode of baptism (true baptism: total immersion), not sprinkling. Thus you died of drowning in crucified Christ, and resurrected coming back out of the watery grave as did Jesus out of the tomb.


In our Youtube documentary we never got to Glendaloch to do a total immersion baptism, which would have involved wearing see-through sheets and freezing in the ice-cold lake there! Forgive us for chickening out and instead going to University Church in Dublin to do just a sprinkling baptism, which Patrick would never have tolerated!


Can I rapture before Jesus returns, thus escaping a horrible end?

In the year 438 AD a collection of the pagan laws was made at the request of St Patrick. Laegaire [Leary] King of Ireland, appointed a Committee of 9 learned and eminent persons, including himself and St Patrick, to revise them. During 3 intense years these 9 produced a new code, from which everything that clashed with the Christian doctrine was carefully excluded. This is the Senchus Mór.


The Brehon Code forms a great body of civil, military, and criminal law. It regulates the various ranks of society, from the king down to the slave, and enumerates their rights and privileges. There are minute rules for the management of property, for the industries - building, brewing, mills, water-courses, fishing-weirs, bees and honey - for distress or seizure of goods, for tithes, trespass, and evidence.


This was one of Patrick’s greatest achievements

which has gone almost totally ignored by historians and not ever mentioned in school textbooks.


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