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Tom Hamilton BA MS
Tom Hamilton was an elder, teacher, and board member in a large Christian denomination church in San Diego California for 10 years. He was in charge of the evangelistic outreach.

He has degrees from Tuck Business School and Thayer Engineering School at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, an AB degree, plus an MS degree, a Masters in a combination of business administration, marketing, and engineering.

He was Managing Director and computer specialist for the Livingston Foundation Clinic in San Diego (5 doctors, 50 employees, supplement store) using the power of advanced natural healing methods.

Tom Hamilton sold video microscope systems world-wide for American Biologics San Diego for 5 years while testing patients in their 30 bed Mexican hospital.

He workedin the natural healing field, doingfinger blood analysis, and training practitioners how to utilize a video microscope or magnifying glass to help medical doctors figure out difficult clients.

Hetested thousands of patients with cancer, Aids, ALS Lou Gehrigs, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, MS, diabetes, heart, chronic fatigue, hormonal problems, etc.

He worked in hospitals in Mexico for five years, four years in U.S. clinics in Southern California, andnine years in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway,and Sweden.

Hegained familiarity with powerful natural healing treatments, having done thousands of before-and-after tests to check patient progress and treatment effectiveness working with outstanding medical doctors.

Heworked for several years under a Baylor Medical College (Houston Texas) IRB research grant regarding enzymes, nutrition and cell health.

Heworked as a natural health consultant in his own company for 23 years.

He also tested the emotional and physical quantum energy levels of patients.

Tom Hamilton is retired. He is editing and writing screen plays as a new hobby. Tom continues to expand this web site, which tests your ethics. Explained are the Bible holidays, exposing how they have been changed around. This web site also answers many questions raised from a close study of the Bible.

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