yes i am

there are 10 different gods up there - or for you maybe no gods

            HOW  MANY  WILL  FIT  in  the 



Down to one kidney - yesterday measured at just 2% - so I must do dialysis at home once-a-day. Life threatening. This morning the doc says I have just a month to live. Great. Just great.


Here I am a good looking 36 year old guy, though turning yellow around the edges. No woman will put up with all this. No more squash or tennis. My goose is cooked. Mary Lou will leave me for sure though we have been together for 4 years.


Let’s see, it is May 2012. I croak in October 2012. Family members will peer at my cold dead body in a casket going down into the ground. Will a soul have departed and headed skyward? Will I come back as a springer spaniel, or as a chubby gal destined to be a secretary in an advertising agency? Or will I be a Rip Van Winkle sacked out until a huge resurrection of lots of sleeping dead people?


God must be a committee the way things are going. Lots of starving poor people multiplying like rabbits with nothing in their pockets:

Libya, Bahrein, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur Sudan, Somalia, East Timor, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Algeria, Bosnia, Serbia – one mess after the other allowed to fester.


Maybe Satan is in charge with God watching horrified from the sidelines. Maybe the whole world will end just as I peacefully slip away to another dimension in October 2012.


Germs – nukes – tidal waves – what combination could end things abruptly? All it will take is one country’s out-of-control leader who launches a pre-emptive strike on Israel or the US – North Korea, Iran, China, Russia – maybe even by mistake - scared by another power’s test launch.

Maybe ALL us humans have only 5 months to live!


Will we ALL ascend in new bodies into another dimension? Or only a small part of humanity, the great bulk going to dust? Will we face a judgment by a divine God? What is his/her character? Will we get a fair shake? What will be the measuring standard? Mine is not to reason why. Or is it? Is God a clashing fighter or a passive marshmallow? Is there a god at all? What are the choices?


Well, here a list of 10 different gods, or no god, to select from:

   1. no divine god, nothing above us humans             

   2. money & political power has put the

            neocon Talmudists on top in a New Order

   3. god is in everybody and everything,

            pantheism, Buddhism:

   4. there are many gods - of love, war,

            health, the sea (Hinduism)

   5. King Father of Fathers on earth is the

           Pope, the Roman Catholic Trinity God’s rep

   6. god is Christian Sunday Protestant,

            Father, Son Jesus & Holy Spirit Trinity

            And the citizens of the Zionist State

            of Israel are God’s chosen people

   7. 10 Commandment Law is out, just ask

            for forgiveness through Grace

   8. The Bible 10 Commandments are basis for a

            divine judgment of each human before 2037

   9. god is Jewish, God the Father YHWH

              whose character is spelled out in

              the 1st 5 Bible Old Testament Books

   10. god is Allah, His law is Sharia, all

             Muslims are to fight, gain a majority

               and tax or kill non-Muslims to install

               it worldwide

   I like God # 8 and will make peace with Him before October 2012. Your choice?



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