You as an agnostic secular humanist evolutionist ask “Who created God, and who created that God?”

No you don’t. Your puzzle does not hold up. You don’t have a grip on the meaning of infinity.

God is on an infinite wheel. He is at the end, in the middle, and at the beginning. But there is no beginning or end on this infinity wheel.

But then God reached over and slashed a mark on the wheel. Now we have a beginning. It was a perfect beginning. A week or so of brilliant creation.

God was looking for companionship.

So, Divine power that he is, with plenty of judgment and love, he created human beings in his image. God wants to be friends and have fun and challenges with us forever, but we have to meet his ethical standards. If we don’t live using moral discernment, 3 strikes and you are out, plus you are off the team.

After a great start we are now close to an imperfect devolving (not evolving) end - followed immediately, for those judged by God to be worthy, by a harmonious fulfilling life that will go on for an infinite time – forever!

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