Asia has been split up into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Iran/Iraq is strengthened.

Persians are a bare majority against combined numbers of Azeris, Kurds, Arabs and Baluch. Each of those minorities shares a border with kinfolk -- in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Turkey has fought for decades against Kurd nationalism.

Kurdistan and Baluchistan are developing. Pashtun in Pakistan outnumber Pashtun in Afghanistan, where they are the majority.

In Africa, the savage attacks on the Kikiyu by Luo manifest a resurgent tribalism, as did the horrors of Rwanda, where Tutsi in the hundreds of thousands were massacred by Hutu.

Africa in the 21st century should provide us with plenty more genocides.

Evo Morales in Bolivia, Ollanta Humala in Peru and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez are stoking the embers, goading the Indian populations, the indigenous peoples, to take back what the white man took 500 years ago. They have met with success.

Contrast between America and China

China is protectionist; America free trade. China is nationalist; America globalist. China's economy is export-driven; America's base is consumption. China saves; America spends. China uses its foreign exchange to lock up overseas resources; America uses foreign aid for humanitarian assistance to failed states.

Behaving like purposeful 19th century Americans, China grows as America shrinks.

Where Beijing floods its borderlands with Han to reduce indigenous populations to minorities and stifles religious, ethnic and linguistic diversity, America declares "Diversity is our strength!" and invites the whole world to come to America and swamp her own native-born.

Observing the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Chinese take nationalism seriously. American's elite regard it an irrelevancy, an obsession only of the politically retarded.

2042 is when Americans of European ancestry become a minority in a country whose Founding Fathers declared it set aside for "ourselves and our posterity."

Without the assent of her people, America is being converted from a Christian country, 9 in 10 of whose people traced their roots to Europe as late as the time of JFK, into a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural Tower of Babel not seen since the late Roman Empire.

The city farthest along the path is Los Angeles, famous worldwide for the number, variety, and size of its ethnic and racial street gangs.

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