yes i am

are you a workaholic ?

Fellow employee:

Our employment contract calls for many more holidays than we are taking.


What are you, some kind of a workaholic?


Is our Training Manual handy, sitting on one of your shelves? Hopefully, it is there, well thumbed by frequent reference.


It contains a Job Description. There are facts, explanations, and a complete set of instructions on how to accomplish the assigned work.


No employee in any organization has a more thorough Training Manual. Every procedure is listed, with the reasons behind each one fully laid out.


The Manual is the Bible. I am confident that the text in this Manual for Abundant Living is approved and endorsed by the Owner/Founder/Creator. Your usage of it is your own private matter. If, in your heart, you believe in it, then the Bible Training Manual is indeed your personal employment contract with God.


God wants you to rest and celebrate on certain holidays. They are spelled out in Leviticus 23.


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