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successful vs abundant life

                   A   SUCCESSFUL   LIFE


You are considered to have a  SUCCESSFUL LIFE  if you:

   … maintain good health

   … are educated and well read

   … in a line of work that is fun that you are good at

   … are doing things that you enjoy, in freedom

   … have financial security and independence

   … live in a nice home in a safe location

   … are married with a nice family in good health

   … have children that are well educated and happy, giving family continuity

   … are responsible in taking care of your family, including your parents

   … have good long-term friends

   … are a good friend who can be counted on


But most of today’s standards and goals for achieving a successful life may be taking you down a path that leads to just a 95 year (or less) life, or a series of different 90 year lives one after the other.


Random evolution with no future hope beyond random advance? Buddhism? Reincarnation? These teach that you can reach Nirvana perfection with never a judgment of your actions by a higher power. Sounds plenty nice.


The agnostic approach?

    I can live a successful life whether there is a higher power or not.

    The reality I observe with my 5 senses is an absolute.

    Reality and ethics depends on how I view it and think about it.


These philosophies sound wonderful. But maybe your best shot comes from another belief system and way of life. It involves a judgment for your one life – but it may be worth taking a peek at anyway.


What path can lead you to a MUCH longer life for THIS your one life?



Don’t forget. Our creator God walked the earth for over 30 years! He talked the talk, AND he also walked the walk. This is historical fact, not a myth. Even his enemies had to admit Jesus died and 3 days later popped out of a tomb they were helping to guard with many soldiers. Many secular historians grudgingly recorded this.


Do you have to be dragged kicking and screaming to look at “dogma” you might have resisted for decades? Well, it might be worth your life (life beyond 95).


The popular nice-sounding appealing belief systems like agnosticism and evolution don’t jibe with what the creator of us all has to say in an inspired book, God’s handbook for gaining an abundant life, the Bible:


                  an  ABUNDANT  LIFE


 … Repent of your blunders. Then ask the Christian God for forgiveness of your many

      mistakes and hurtful acts and slanders


 … Dig for and make known the whole truth with the help of God’s Holy Spirit


 … Spread Bible truths to every corner of the world, helping to get Jesus to the center of peoples’ lives


 … Help people to live way beyond 90 years by believing in resurrection to eternal life like Jesus did


 … Show people that the love of money and greed are the root of most evils


 Abundant living comes from following the Commandments of the Christian God


 … Christian ethics goes above stepping on or causing losses for others, just to make money


 … You can’t take it with you, so build a nest-egg of humanitarian acts and good deeds instead


 … Honor your father and mother, that your days will be pleasant in a long healthy life


… Raise a family rooted in the faith and beliefs of Christianity so they too will live forever


God thinks you are successful if you go this abundant route, and are therefore deserving of eternal life!


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