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Constitutional Republic vs Democracy






Small Government

Big Government

Separation of Powers for Checks & Balance

Federal Strings for Tight Control - 5 Judge Oligarchy

Bill of Minority Rights Protection of Property

Eminent Domain, Land Control

Sanctity of Each Human Life

Wipe Out Lower Half of Humanity Population

Go By Rule of Divine Law

Go By UN Secular Rule of Law

Free Press & Internet

Secrecy, Strict Censorship, Tax/Control  the Internet

Night Radio Talk Shows

Only Politically Correct Take Part

Tight Border Control

Open Borders

Want Keen Informed Interest

Push Sports & Circuses Emphasis, Apathy on the Rest

Peace Through Strength of Armed Militias

Gun Control, Federal Military Help State/Local Police

Private Education

Federally Funded/Controlled Education & Bussing

Domestic Tranquility

Regular Undeclared Wars,Pre-Emptive Strikes

Free Enterprise, Competition,Quality,Service

High Profits, Monopolies, Mergers


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