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Yearly Holidays, Lev 23, New Testament Church still kept them


1st  holiday  NEW YEARS  1st spring new (no) moon             moved to mid-winter Dec 31 Jan 1

2nd holiday  CRUCIFIXION  of  JESUS  (PASSOVER)        1st spring full moon

3rd  holiday  RESURRECTION of  JESUS                              the next Sunday

4th  holiday  EXITs ENTRANCEs DAY  1 week after CRUCUFIXION    an IGNORED one

5th  holiday ASCENSION by JESUS into another quantum dimension Holy Spirit to take over in 10 days 

6th  holiday  PENTECOST Holy Spirit truth-seeking helper + 10 Commandments in stone 

7th  holiday WARNING DAY ((ROSH HASHANAH) Warning - Judgment coming up in just 10 days - repent !

8th  holiday  JUDGMENT  DAY (YOM KIPPUR) Celebrate with Jews

9th  holiday   CHRISTMAS  1st Coming of Jesus was in 6 BC in Bethlehem  1 day after Judgment Day

10th holiday INGATHERING  2nd Coming  Jesus maybe Resurrection of righteous 1 day after Judgment Day

11th  holiday TRIP Celebrate on 1st autumn full moon  A righteous crop of souls ingathered to travel 1 week

12th  holiday  MARRIAGE SUPPER of the Lamb  Welcome new bride to eternal life, learn to rule and judge


The Catholics and almost all Protestant denominations have dropped the 12 yearly Bible Christian holidays, calling them now strictly Jewish feasts. They claim that when Jesus died on the cross, the need to observe these yearly Bible holidays ceased. Wrong. Not. We will ALL be judged on Judgment Day (Yom Kippur), not just the Jews. The New Testament Church continued to celebrate these 12 annual Christian sabbath feasts.


Most of us today are ignorant of the original reasons and times for celebrating Bible holidays. They have ALL been changed around, and now, ALL 12 are counterfeit.

Learn here what changes have been made to our holidays, and what their historical roots are. The meanings of ignored or changed original Bible Christian Holidays are keys that help unlock the timing of major future events. The more we study the original Bible holidays, the more we get a taste of what lies just ahead for mankind. In the thick of these trying times, we can thereby reduce confusion and gain a clearer vision of the future.

                                              NEW YEARS

In late March early April, when there is no moon in the sky, the Bible New Year starts. Until the 1500s, New Years was celebrated in early April before it was changed to January 1st. Then the Roman Catholic Church succeeded in changing New Years to 8 days after the birthday of Nimrod, so as to post-humously “circumcise the pagan sun god Nimrod into the Roman Catholic faith”, done to a new-born child 8 days after birth. December 25th + 8 days = January 1, this day also the Roman New Years.

So, in addition to celebrating New Years at the end of December, why not celebrate a spring Bible New Year? We can admire the new flowers in early April when winter cold of the old year is rung out, and the re-birth of nature begins again in early spring, ringing in with warmth and green growth.

The French in 1564 started giving anyone who continued to celebrate the New Year in early April a hard time. They harshly ridiculed them, calling them April Fools for picking the earlier time to bring in the New Year on what they called ”April Fool’s Day”. Encyclopedias claim that the origin of April Fools Day is unknown, covering up these facts.


                                   CRUCIFIXION of JESUS  (PASSOVER)

Mel Gibson got it right – in his movie The Passion –

Jesus was crucified on the cross under a full moon.


Jesus in 27 AD was buried in a tomb sealed with a huge boulder and guarded by soldiers told to make sure Jesus did not escape the tomb like he said he would in 3 days.


                          RESURRECTION  (EASTER)   WEEK

Resurrection (Easter) week reminds us that …  Jesus died to give each of us a chance to repent, to ask forgiveness for our serious sins (and the little forgotten ones too) and to have them forgiven, and that Jesus came back alive from death.

Jesus endured murder by Crucifixion to give us a shot at eternal life. His Resurrection gives us assurance that if we live good lives, repent of our sins, and ask for forgiveness of them, that we can be judged worthy of living forever along with any family members and friends who do the same, and get to know Daniel, Peter, John, Matthew, Mark, David etc.

Nowadays, for a week near the beginning of spring, we celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. The Resurrection (Easter) is always on Sunday.

                             EXITs  and  ENTRANCEs  DAY

This Day has had historic entrances & exits, and falls one week after the first spring full moon Crucifixion Day.

But we no longer celebrate one week after Crucifixion Day… Wouldn’t you also dance and sing if troops were coming to kill you (you being a just-freed slave), but the Egyptian charioteers were drowned in a parted Red Sea that suddenly swirled back to normal ?? Wouldn’t you celebrate if the walls of Jericho crumbled like the Berlin Wall so you could leave monotonous desert life and enjoy life in a lush promised land of milk and honey?

The first exit was when Adam & Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. A big entrance was the millions from the desert going past the collapsed walls of Jericho into the Promised Land of milk and honey - Canaan. The final entrance will be when the righteous in New Jerusalem walk out into the once-more perfect Garden of Eden to begin eternal life on earth!


                                     ASCENSION  BY  JESUS

For 40 days after His Resurrection, Jesus and others (24 Elders of all ages) witnessed to thousands, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they came back from the dead, inspiring us to have hope we can do the same. Jesus then told His followers on the Mount of Olives he was leaving to return to the right hand of His Father in another quantum dimension. But not to worry, get to Jerusalem and in 10 days another part of the Trinity God, the Holy Spirit, will fall as flames on your shoulders and take root in your heart to help find and master the whole truth and evangelize to every corner of the earth. 


Hillsides are green. A warm Sunday rolls around in June on an off weekend. Is anybody counting? It is 50 days after the Saturday of Easter Sunday week.

Why should we stop and celebrate PENTECOST, a religious event from long ago? Because this is the anniversary of when our forefathers and mothers long ago were given the Holy Spirit, an avenue for you to gain lots of useful knowledge quickly. They also got worthwhile suggestions on how to live abundant happy lives. This keeps one on track uncovering the whole truth, plus the ability to express one’s self more powerfully and convincingly to others.

On PENTECOST we also celebrate the reception by Moses of the 10 Commandments written by the finger of God on 2 stones to remind us of the morality recommended for Christians and Jews and anyone else they sound good to.

                        WARNING  DAY  (ROSH  HASHANAH)

In late September early October, when there is no moon in the sky, the fall season starts, and the Jewish faith observes one of their 7 yearly Bible Holidays, Rosh Hashanah, their New Years celebration. Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur 10 days later, are Bible holidays for ALL Christians TOO. Don’t let the Jews hog these meaningful days!

ROSH HASHANAH (4th of 7 yearly Jewish or 7th of 12 Bible Christian Holidays) is a warning blast – repent - Judgment Day is coming up in just 10 days. Ask for forgiveness of your sins, every last one. Dust them off and get them forgiven. This is a step every Christian & Jew should take to assure eternal life before all is cut & dried on the final Yom Kippur Judgment Day.

                         JUDGMENT  DAY  (YOM KIPPUR)

JUDGMENT DAY (YOM KIPPUR) is the (5th of the 7 yearly Jewish and 8th of the 12 Christian holidays). It is a day to dredge up all the things you have done wrong, and truly be sorry for doing bad things – like lying, cheating, stealing, abusing a family member or business partner, misrepresenting what someone else did, playing around outside of marriage adulterously.

On the final JUDGMENT DAY  (YOM KIPPUR), life-or-death decisions are made by Jesus based on how you lived your life either according to your conscience, the little voice inside that knows the difference between right and wrong and tries to get you to do right, or by going against your conscience, committing acts and statements that hurt people financially, physically or mentally.

The final Judgment Day is when mercy's door slams shut. This will be a bad day for the disobedient and unrepentant. Humanity is on this day divided into two camps -  You will either

      live forever, or

      disappear into dust, non-existence ---

not just Jews, but EVERYONE. Judgment Day (Yom Kippur) is for ALL Jews, ALL Christians, ALL people.

Join the Jews, knowledgeable Christians and some others who stop and reflect on this special day, since JUDGMENT, according to the Bible, applies to ALL of us !


                                the    REAL    CHRISTMAS

CHRISTMAS (9th of 12). Jesus was born under a fall 2/3 moon in 6 BC in Bethlehem a little over 2,000 years ago.

Honor Jesus on the real anniversary of His birth. Celebrating the fake Christmas December 25th is insulting.

Be aware that Jesus was really born in the fall. Nimrod, Sun God, who was in charge of building the Tower of Babel, was born on December 25th not Jesus.

In the 4th Century, Constantine marched hundreds of thousands of his troops through shallow rivers and proclaimed them baptized into the Christian church. These were pagans accustomed to celebrating in mid-winter the birthday of their hero Nimrod, a god in their eyes. This new “Christian Majority” got what they wanted. Constantine moved Christmas to December 25th to match the pagan mid-winter day of revelry on Nimrod’s birthday.

Suppose that when you left home in your twenties your family decided for their convenience that they would delay celebration of your birthday 3 months. They give each other gifts in the “spirit of giving” 3 months after you were born! You sat alone on your birthday year after year, astounded that they would change it to another day for pressing reasons. So God sits alone staring at the wall while we celebrate His birthday several months later on an enemy’s birthday, Nimrod! Mithra! The sun!

Would the shepherds and sheep have been outside in the freezing rain in late December when the angels announced to them that Jesus the Son of God was born in the fall in a manger in Bethlehem? No.

The Bible indicates that John the Baptist was born 5 days before Passover under a spring 2/3 moon, with Jesus born exactly 6 months later on Judgment Day under a fall 2/3 moon.

Would the Romans have asked their subjects to return home and register for their tax census in winter weather? No, their tax year began October 1, and the Roman Empire government wanted their share of the just-gathered fall crops right then at the beginning of their fiscal year and census recorded.

Why was Bethlehem so crowded so Mary and Joseph had to spend the night in a stable? Because of crowds assembling for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Tabernacles Day in the fall?

In 6 BC, Augustus declared peace throughout the entire Roman Empire, the PAX ROMANA (AUGUSTA).

Pontius Pilate, in his official report to Roman Emperor Tiberius regarding the events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, recorded part of the conversation he had with Jesus just before the Passover Feast began in Jerusalem in 27 AD.

Pilate warned “Young man, to avoid rebellion and deadly activity, I caution you to go easy on the Pharisees and Judaic High Priest leaders in your teachings to the poor populace.”

Jesus answered I have not come to bring strife, turmoil, and war; but instead peace and love. I was born on the same day that Augustus declared peace throughout the Roman world (October 5th 6 BC).

Jesus began his ministry as all Rabbis do at age 30, and this ran its course for 2 ½ years. Born on Judgment Day in 6 BC under a fall 2/3 moon, this would end then just before Passover in 27 AD.

Herod, in power when Jesus was born, died in 4 BC. So therefore the calendar we use must be off by several years.

              INGATHERING  HARVEST  Maybe The 2nd Coming of Jesus

Only God the Father knows when His Son Jesus will return to earth to ingather His righteous followers. No reason we can’t still set aside a holiday to celebrate this marvelous event ! Yes, we are throwing a dart based on a careful study of Bible prophecy. So celebrate the first Resurrection -- of the righteous overcomers, under a full moon.



The  11th Bible Christian holiday begins after the maybe 2nd Coming of Jesus to ingather his righteous crop of souls. After packing family tents, under an autumn full moon Jesus leads them on a 1 week trip into another quantum dimension, to a heavenly Sea of Glass.


                               MARRIAGE SUPPER

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb  is the final 12th Bible Christian holiday each year.

Farmer Jesus, rejecting the chaff, has taken a fall HARVEST of saved people to a MARRIAGE SUPPER hosted by Lamb Jesus. This welcoming banquet begins. Lots of happy people will give thanks not just for plentiful food, but also for the giving of eternal life, the ultimate reward for their Christian-style living on earth!

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