Columbanus went to Continent then Bobbio Italy

A key Patrick-trained missionary was COLUMBANUS who also studied with Comgall. Columbanus was born in Leinster in 543 AD, so was 26 years younger than Comgall. This younger monk left for the Continent with a dozen other monks, converting many to Celtic Christianity. He made it all the way down to Bobbio Italy, taking artifacts so they would not be taken by the Vikings as booty. He was buried in Pavia. Columbanus with his successors brought Christianity to many in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy. They took the Bible as their only authority, and founded renowned Bible training centers and monasteries for the Christian believers. Not only the Irish apostle Patrick but his successors, Columba in Scotland, and Columbanus on the Continent, ignored the supremacy of the Papal Pontiff. They never agreed to making the Pope a king." (Truth Triumphant, pp 85,86)

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