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Are Demons Still Active Today?

                                    S U R R O U N D E D

Most people are ignorant when it comes to demons.
Satan and his demons walk the earth as spies and adversaries, and there are MANY. Today! Every Godly thing has a Satanic counterfeit.

Rebel demons profoundly affect the peace, safety and health of every person! Most have been steadily moving further and further from God through the influence of Satanic forces working us over today!

Angels and demons are hovering near or in people on their march to judgment. Demons don’t have bodies, and so try to take possession of a person especially those addicted to alcohol, adultery, overwork to amass money. (read Matthew 12:43).
… to shake addictions, develop will power. Shun bad influences. Peer pressuring friends.

Many (perhaps you) have problems with possession(s) - foreign entities come in to you,
maybe at a hospital or accident, to possess you (or your friend) and disrupt your life and relationships. If driven out, they sometimes manage to sneak back in, them or maybe their buddies, if you have addictions and continue to compulsively weaken to them.The god we might be following without realizing it unawares is – the AntiChrist – Satan. So don’t blame your god for all that is going wrong. Hey, keep this in mind… The Christian God decided to allow cocky popular Satan to run things on earth for 6,000 years to show disobedient humanity what would result, either proving or disproving his worth. The devil is flunking! Morals are out the window! His claims are lies. Satan is in in charge of this hopeless chaos and is to blame! Not God. But not for much longer… We are about to hit the end. According to the Christian Bible, the newly created humans chose Satan over God. So Satan took over in the Garden of Eden when Eve and Adam sinned. Satan has been given the chance to be in charge of humanity and life on earth for 6,000 years to show everyone if he can perform well and back up all his promises. We can by now clearly see where his leadership has taken us. We are on the ropes. Within 2 generations Satan’s leadership will end. He has not done well. Things are a big mess. Living for making a profit, gaining and maintaining power – Such a life will NOT gain you eternal life. If Bible prophecy is accurate, then things will end badly shortly. God said He would then take over the ruler-ship again, starting with a 7th millennium of rest and learning. Then we begin a perfect and abundant life again for an eternity!

                    The symptoms of demonic possession:

… into drugs, alcohol, smoking hash or cigarettes
… exhausted, sleep is light and doesn’t do much good, insomnia, low energy
… mood swings, sometimes rapid, to the point of deep depression, manic, up and down
… anxiety attacks from certain triggering events or locations or people
… sudden occasional bad temper, anger, irritable, over-sensitive, emotional
… impulsive behavior
… inner voices speak during meditation or a quiet moment tell you bad things to do
… sudden major changes in character traits that comes and goes
… physical problems suddenly begin having no obvious cause
… headaches
… changes in handwriting
… body aches and pains
… trouble remembering everything
… poor concentration, mind wanders, can’t focus, ADD

Get these lost confused intruding foreign entity souls to decide to leave you for good. Jesus can help strong-arm  them out.

This is for the benefit of the patient (or you), and the departing entity(ies), who should learn enough to realize it is now best to move out of the patient (or you), and go onward for a higher purpose and happier way of spending time, in a non-disruptive way.

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