Tom's Background

Tom Hamilton has degrees from Tuck Business School, Thayer Engineering School, and Dartmouth College, all on the Dartmouth campus in Hanover, New Hampshire:
AB Bachelor of Arts degree
MS Master of Science degree Business Adm. & Engineering combo

For several years he was Managing Director & computer specialist at Livingston-Wheeler Clinic doing natural treatments to fight cancer & degenerative diseases in San Diego California (5 doctors 50 people).

Tom Hamilton sold video microscope systems world-wide for American Biologics, located in San Diego, for five years.

He was an international consultant and teacher in natural healing, capillary blood analysis, training utilizing a video microscope system or magnifying glass, lymph drainage massage using liquification equipment, and quantum energy level testing.

Since leaving California after 10 years there, Tom tested patients for 4 years in NW Florida, and 11 years in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Como Italy.

Tom tested many patients with ALS in San Marcos California, working with Dr Gary Shima MD.

He worked for several years under a Baylor Medical College (Houston Texas) IRB a video microscopy blood research grant regarding enzyme nutrition for cell health.

Now Tom is retired and lives in Florida. He edits or writes an occasional pamphlet as a hobby. Leave a message on Email 

Tom tested quantum energy levels on finger-blood for many years - uncanny in what it finds out about your physical and emotional problems. Your “sub-conscious doctor inside” reacts to each quantum energy applied. These energies can then be lined up in a long column, largest reaction first, in descending order. The highest 8 YANG and feeblest 8 quantum YIN energies are then grouped, and can be presented in a short report.

You can have deep-seated chronic disease and yet be symptom free. Perhaps there is a practitioner near you who can test your body- electric using a quantum energy system, which lines up the levels. We are digital. We are quantum. This has to be the wave of the future!

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