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I'll begin this with 3 media references that scholars tell me belong at the end, in a bibliography. But I disobey:

1.     Read: Josh McDowell's “More Than a Carpenter”

      He hosts several ministries and a group of web sites. Click here to bring one of them up in a new page. You'll be able to review excerpts from and order More Than a Carpenter there.

2. Motion picture: Mel Gibson, "The Passion of the Christ", now released on tape and DVD, on big screens now & again. Here is its separate listing at Barnes & Noble.

3.     Reading:C. S. Lewis, "Mere Christianity". Here is a link to it at Barnes & Noble.

Having mastered one or more of these 3 will make the atmosphere that surrounds the coming material more palatable for you.

If you happen not to be a believer in the divinity of Jesus, you will still get along fine at this site. It would help if you were, but you'll do ok anyway.


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put on God's hat for a moment

                put  on  God’s  hat:

"I allowed Satan to do his thing

 for many milleniums. 

 This has gone on long enough!"


Satan's persuasive ways do not work. Between nukes, germs and wars humanity is busy wiping itself out.


So the Christian God needs to step back into the picture and take over to set things right. A bad ending is coming but a brilliant new beginning is just around the next corner!

Take heed. Do your self ethics put you in good standing? Because God will judge, and soon!


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                WHO  HAVE  NO  GOD

           NO GODS ABOVE SELF -




     Leaders have amassed money & property & try to placate the proletariat

     I live non-judgmentally by my self-developed code of ethics

     An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth

     There will be no divine judgment of each of us on our one life

     We evolved from a protein puddle starting billions of years ago

     the Bible Is a mythology book written by non-divine humans


                Religions in secular clothing





       You may be thinking I would better have headlined this one as Communism,

       what with its Godless reputation and all.

       No. Communism is only Socialism with bad manners.


So, we do take our belief on faith, cheerfully admitted.

They think they served an Ace! But, back over the net, comes the return.

They stand flat-footed and floundering when their mantra, "There is no God"

is confronted with, "Let's see you prove God does not exist."


Oops. They must admit, their smugness deflated, that atheism is just as faith-based as all the splintered religious denominations!


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