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evolution and devolution

TV shows, write-ups in books, magazines, newspapers, and museums portray that the earth has been evolving for over 16 billion years, and will continue to evolve for billions more with no end. 

Can a textbook be found, from Kindergarten through College, that mentions, even in a footnote, that the observable universe might have been authored by an Author?

Intelligent Design, even as a possibility, has been forced out of many nation's educational systems. Strong factions controlling education curricula and TV are determined to base development and view of life on random evolution.

                                    How Jimmy the Greek might Handicap this one

Various authors and pundits have taken hold of the issue's scientific math, and had some fun and frolic with it.

Most cultures speak of a great flood in their past. Frozen mammoth bison have been unearthed in ice glaciers near the poles, intact with undigested plants and grasses in their stomachs. Sudden deep-freeze?

So let's flip all the cards in the deck upside down and approaching the problem from the opposite direction. The hypothesis is that, instead of evolving, we might be devolving according to the laws of creation science. Several scientific examples follow:

                                                              Sedimentation  Rates
Many evolutionists now quietly admit that the fossil records never did support Charles Darwin's theories. A consistent Geologic Column Model does not exist, as has been asserted widely. 

                                                  Helium, it's for more than Just Balloons

Helium decays and diffuses rapidly. In molten cooling magma, granite, helium escapes from zircons, tiny radio-active crystals that grow in granite, out into the surrounding biotite.

                                                 Left-handedness, Right-handedness

Pre-biotic molecules that come to Earth via comets and meteorites are found not to be "right-handed" or "left-handed". They lack chirality - an essential condition for life.

New York University's Robert Shapiro further took the life out of meteorites. Using the chemical classes of compounds found in the Murchinson meteorite, Shapiro showed that side reactions would prevent any pre-biotic molecules in the meteorite from ever spontaneously forming living molecules.

In 1953, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey mixed methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and water vapor, and passed this mixture through an electric discharge, simulating lightning.

The resulting product contained a few newly-created amino acids, but they too lacked handedness and, thus, no life. Amino acids do not live. They are just building blocks that can make protein.

The press mistakenly reported that life came from chemicals in this experiment. Evolutionists still claim that it did. But there is no known scientific process that has ever converted amino acids into a living form.

Handedness is one of the best scientific evidences against random, chance evolution. Those that claim that life can come from chemicals must be dragged, kicking and screaming, to deal with life's left and right handedness, and inanimate matter's lack of it.

All inorganic material contains equal amounts of left and right-handed molecules. Normal living amino acids in protein and DNA are left-handed. A single DNA molecule is made up of billions of complicated chemicals called amino acid nucleotides which are right-handed. There is no way that a random chance process could have formed DNA with its unique right-handedness.

Handedness cannot be created in chemical molecules by a random process.

For 400 amino acids in a typical protein to all be left-handed by random chance, the odds would be a thousand billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion to one!

If proteins and DNA were formed by chance, by a Darwinian coin-toss, they would have a 50/50 mixture of left and right-handedness. It is mathematically impossible for random chance evolution to create proteins with thousands of L (left-handed) molecules, and then also create DNA with billions of R (right-handed) molecules!!

Nucleotide molecules in DNA have a double helical spiral twist structure due to handedness. If even one molecule had the wrong hand, the DNA would be like a train on bad railroad tracks that would derail, and therefore not function.

Evolution cannot explain a formation of billions of nucleotides at the same time, ALL with the same right-handedness. Nor can evolutionists explain the formation of two intermixed ingredients of opposite handedness!

There is an amazing consistency and necessity of life forming with amino acids that are exclusively left-handed and with sugars that are exclusively right-handed (referencing the configuration of their chemical bonds).

To their credit, scholars have acknowledged they have made no progress in accounting for all this.

It gets worse for evolutionists. If an incorrect nucleotide is detected in a DNA twisted strand, other repair enzymes chop out the bad nucleotide and insert the correct one.

Why would this enzyme-repair mechanism uselessly evolve over millions of years, at random, long before DNA? If DNA had evolved first with no repair mechanism, it would have decomposed back into pond scum. You will search in vain for any evolutionist answer to this little problem in organic chemistry!

Did we just evolve when chemicals mushed together? Is there a plan to life, or is everything just random with no real hope? Did the humming bird and the bumble bee slowly develop at random out of protein soup??


Probably not! It looks like a higher power created roses and Lake Zurich and leopards and your grandmother.


Perhaps the Bible is right after all  -  God spoke the WORD, and the earth materialized, with stars suddenly set in their courses billions of light years apart, created that way in an instant using a power far greater than any powers available to man.


Science stands on the side of both creation and evolution. A higher power must have a Big Bang bag of miracles, a BIG BANGER! A better name would be SILENT STRETCHER since there was no air to hear sound, and the universe was stretched larger in clumps in all directions though now with decelerating borders.

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