the US is down & does not realize it


                     TO  FASCIST  DEMOCRACY 

                                  IN JUST  230  YEARS


In just 230 years the US has gone from a Christian Constitutional Republic to a democracy – a judicial oligarchy, rule by 5 judges! Most Americans have no clue that they are already part of an in-place “democratic” dictatorship, like so many other dictatorships elected democratically into power, like Hamas in the Gaza Strip, or Mugabe.


The neocons that run the US are busy throwing out Christianity, the basis for the American way of life when the Constitution was approved in 1787. Today's American democracy tramples on the Bill of Rights protection of minorities, and has taken away freedoms one after the other.


Living for profit over health, each person having their own code of conduct developed through experience, things are breaking down with more and more crime, drugs, and less respect for family, police or church. Secular humanism is bringing about a downhill slide.



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