Europe Birth Rates



There is a ticking time bomb in Europe, and much of the Western world. It has been called by one prominent German politician—

a  declining Western birth-rate.


A proper replacement level for a population, in terms of demographics, is generally considered to be about 2.1 children per couple, because not every child that is born lives to adulthood.


In Western Europe today, the demographics of reproduction are at about 1.5 children per couple—well below replacement level! In fact, in Germany the rate is just 1.3—for the last ten years!

That sets the stage for an increasingly aging population. And as its population has aged.


 Europe has simultaneously opened its doors for mass immigration.

It did not start out as mass immigration; it started out as a desire to have somebody to do the work and pay the taxes. Immigrants have primarily come to Europe from the Arab world, and from different parts of the Muslim world.


In England, a number have come from the Indian subcontinent.

In France, many have come from North Africa. Germany has primarily drawn from Turkey.

Europe now finds itself with a large, and increasing, minority population. As Europeans look at the demographics, they recognize that the only portion of their population that is increasing is this new Muslim immigrant population.


What is new in European thinking right now is not simply concern about immigrants in general, but about Muslim immigrants in particular. The fact that several perpetrators of the World Trade Center attacks had lived for years in western countries has raised further worries about the enclosed Muslim societies that seem to exist in the West where Muslims have immigrated.

Where is this headed? That is what Europeans are increasingly wondering, as they find that, within time, they may become a minority within their own countries. There is a rising tension between the Catholic and Muslim worlds. That tension is rising in Europe, and it will ultimately set the stage for a religious struggle that is going to cross secular, liberal western Europe.


There will arise on the scene an individual who will be a charismatic religious leader, who will absolutely electrify Europe and ultimately the world. The Bible talks about this man who will perform impressive signs and wonders and set the stage for a religious revival in Europe that will bring about an unholy alliance of church and state. This is on the horizon! Your Bible explains what is going to happen. Events that are occurring right now in Europe are setting the stage!


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