Have-Not Europe Colonies


Europe is becoming more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Muslims.

So declares Oriana Fallaci in her new book, La Forza della Ragione (The Force of Reason). And the famed Italian journalist is right:

Christianity's ancient stronghold of Europe is rapidly giving way to Islam.

Two factors mainly contribute to this world-shaking development:

  • The hollowing out of Christianity. Europe is increasingly a post-Christian society, one with a diminishing connection to its tradition or its historic values. The numbers of believing, observant Christians has collapsed in the past two generations to the point that some observers call it the new dark continent. Already, analysts estimate Britain's mosques host more worshippers each week than does the Church of England.
  • An anemic birth rate. Indigenous Europeans are dying out. Sustaining a population requires each woman on average to bear 2.1 children; in the European Union, the overall rate is a one-third short, at 1.5 per woman, and falling. One study finds that, should current population trends continue and immigration cease, today's population of 375 million could decline to 275 million by 2075. To keep its working population even, the EU needs 1.6 million immigrants a year; to sustain the present workers-to-retirees ratio requires an astonishing 13.5 million immigrants annually.

Into the void are coming Muslims. As Christianity falters, Islam is robust, assertive, and ambitious. As Europeans under-reproduce at advanced ages, Muslims do so in large numbers while young.

Some 5 percent of the EU, or nearly 20 million persons, presently identify themselves as Muslims. Should current trends continue, that number will reach 10 percent by 2020. If non-Muslims flee the new Islamic order, as seems likely, the continent could be majority-Muslim within decades.

When that happens, grand cathedrals will appear as vestiges of a prior civilization (the jahiliya?) at least until a Saudi-style regime transforms them into mosques or a Taliban-like regime blows them up.

The great national cultures Italian, French, English, and others will likely wither, replaced by a new transnational Muslim identity that merges North African, Turkish, sub-continental, and other elements.

This prediction is hardly new. In 1968, the British politician Enoch Powell gave his famed rivers of blood speech, in which he warned that in allowing excessive immigration, the United Kingdom was heaping up its own funeral pyre. (Those words stalled a hitherto promising career.)

In 1973, the French writer Jean Raspail published Camp of the Saints, a novel that portrays Europe falling to massive, uncontrolled immigration from the Indian subcontinent. The peaceable transformation of a region from one major civilization to another, now underway, has no precedent in human history, making it easy to ignore such voices.

There is still a chance for the transformation not to play itself out, but the prospects diminish with time.

Here are several possible ways it might be stopped:

  • Changes in Europe that lead to a resurgence of Christian faith, an increase in childbearing, or the cultural assimilation of immigrants; such developments can theoretically occur but what would cause them are hard to imagine.
  • Muslim modernization: For reasons no one has quite figured out (education of women? abortion on demand? adults too self-absorbed to have children?), modernity leads to a drastic reduction in the birthrate. Also, were the Muslim world to modernize, the attraction of moving to Europe would diminish.
  • Immigration from other sources. Latin Americans, being Christian, would more or less permit Europe to keep its historic identity. Hindus and Chinese would increase the diversity of cultures, making it less likely that Islam would dominate.

Current trends suggest Islamization will happen, for Europeans seem to find it too strenuous to have children, stop illegal immigration, or even diversify their sources of immigrants. Instead, they prefer to settle unhappily into civilization senility.

Europe has simultaneously reached unprecedented heights of prosperity and peacefulness and shown a unique inability to sustain itself.

Demographer Wolfgang Lutz notes that Negative momentum has not been experienced on a large scale in world history.

Is it inevitable that the most brilliantly successful society also be the first in danger of collapse due to a lack of cultural confidence and offspring? Ironically, creating a hugely desirable place to live would seem also to be a recipe for suicide. The human comedy continues.

Islam is now taking over Europe as surely as if armies were occupying its cities. Because of what has happened to the core values of family and marriage in much of Europe, Europeans are now experiencing a negative population growth. One recent study estimated that Europeans were now having 1.1 children per family, which alone would result in a 50 percent reduction in the population. However, fewer people are marrying to even make up a family.

At the same time the Muslims in their midst are almost all marrying, and having many children per family. Because of this alone, some European nations are likely to have Muslim majorities in the next decade. But, there is another factor that is likely to speed this along.

Turkey has made application for membership in the EU. They seem to have met all of the qualifications and it will be hard to keep them out for long. When they become members, the borders to all other EU nations are immediately thrown open to free immigration from Turkey
. This alone could tip the balance and quickly lead to Muslim majorities in many European nations very fast.

A Prophecy - You Cannot Talk the Devil out of Being the Devil

Much of Europe will fall to Islam. At first it will seem a very benign form of Islam rising in these nations, but that will not last long. Muslims will not tolerate the level of perversion that is now so common in
Europe. There will be an attempt by the Muslim leadership to cleanse these nations of the perversion and idolatry that will become more and more extreme and ruthless. This will result in a war in Europe
that will be even more devastating than the last two world wars combined.

Presently, EU political policy is feeding the continent right into this trap, because they still have not learned that you cannot talk the devil out of being the devil. The price for not learning this after World War I was a war many times more devastating in World War II. This is the third time they have followed the same basic course, and it will lead to an even more devastating conclusion than World War I and II combined - much more.

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