Paracelsus (1493-1541) was a wandering Bible preacher and healer. He was interested in prophecy, and awaited Christ’s 2nd Coming.

Paracelsus made reference to great calamities beginning, followed by a coming visit of God and the end of man.

He foretold bloodshed and social upheavals.

He was also an innovative chemist and physician. He attributed miner’s lung diseases to inhalation of metal vapors.


There is a Paracelsus Clinic in California, another in West Palm Beach Florida, another in Lustmühle near Teufen & St Gallen in Switzerland, another in Salzburg Austria -  

*  Paracelsus Medical University   Salzburg


*  Over 2000 licensed online journals in the field of medicine, chemistry, science, biology, pharmacy, physics

*  Journals freely accessible through the Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

*  Several core medical databases (such as MEDLINE, Evidence Based Medicine Reviews - Cochrane Library,

*   ISI Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports, CINAHL)

*  Databases freely accessible through the Database – Information System (DBIS)

In addition to the Joseph and Brigitta Troy Library, which houses mostly material related to medicine and nursing sciences,

 the Paracelsus University students have also access to the print resources of the Salzburger Universitätskliniken

 (Salzburg University Clinics’) as well as to the Natural Sciences Library at the University of Salzburg.

+43 (0)662 / 44 2002-1221

  Dorothea Koelblinger

      The Executive MBA Health Care Management is organized by the following partners:

*  SMBS - University of Salzburg Business School/ Austria

*  Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg/ Austria

*  International Health Care Management Institute, University of Trier/ Germany

*  Department of Economics, Philipps University of Marburg/ Germany

*  Joseph I. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto/ Canada


The health sector is undergoing profound change and poses evermore challenges in the areas of marketing, management and controlling for executives. The MBA in Healthcare Management is a part-time degree that complements the participants' specialist areas and provides them with the necessary skills and competences in dealing with the above challenges. The objective of the 4-semester course is to provide an understanding of the healthcare market and economics and to develop social awareness and leadership skills, which are all essential to an executive position in healthcare. The MBA is designed to make a significant contribution towards meeting future challenges in healthcare management.

A further aim is to improve the leadership qualities of senior executives in the public and private health sector such as the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology industry by supporting their role as decision-makers. The MBA course addresses an international audience, as courses take place in different countries featuring international speakers.

There is a direct study abroad exchange student arrangement with Duke Univ in North Carolina US during the 5 year stint.

Students learn in both German & English, including textbooks.

Target audience:

*  physicians who wish to acquire management skills

*  management executives or trainee managers in the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical industry or in medical technology

*  graduates from related fields of study (or with comparable professional qualifications) wishing to attain an additional first-class qualification

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Detailed information and advice:
Dr Eva Stainer
SMBS - Salzburg Management Business School
Project manager Family Business
Program Management MBA HCM
Schlossallee 9, 5412

Puch/Salzburg, AUSTRIA
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