Nikola Tesla - genius

Thomas Edison's DC direct current electrical system was a spectacular failure. Edison and his wealthy backers are responsible for the high-tension wired towers every 100 yards distribution system for the power that lights your home and the world.


The US Patent Office, after a long battle, took the credit for the invention of radio transmission away from Marconi, issuing it to this man Tesla.


You probably have never heard of him.

Nikola Tesla


He would finish a day's work in the laboratory, and privately search for God.

in Liberty Magazine

February 1937 appeared an article entitled

A Machine to End War

A Famous Inventor, Nikola Tesla, Pictured Life 100 Years from Now, Revealing an Astounding Scientific Venture Which He Believed Would Change the Course of History

as told to George Sylvester Viereck

"It seems," Nikola said, "I have always been ahead of my time."

"If we were," remarked B A Behrend, distinguished author and engineer," to eliminate the results of Mr Tesla's work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, our electric cars and trains would stop, our towns would be dark, our mills would be idle."

Tesla said: “Forecasting is perilous. No man can look very far into the future. Progress and invention evolve in directions other than those anticipated. Many of the developments which I forecast have been verified by events.”


Nikola Tesla was born in Serbo-Croatia around Belgrade in 1856. His father was a Christian Pastor, and knew the Bible almost by heart. His mother was innovative with kitchen and household equipment.


They sent Nikola to get a scientific education at the polytechnic University in Gratz. He then immigrated to America to attend the Univ of Chicago to study the nature of relativity, and to work on his electrical and energy transmission patents.


Tesla won a Nobel prize in physics in 1912. He died in 1943.

He was one of the most creative inventors that ever lived. His knowledge of quantum physics and energy should have been put to use – then there would not be all the high-tension wires running everywhere causing disruption and wrecking nature’s scenery!!

Nikola Tesla invented the motor, the radio, TV,

 AC current distributed from special turbines,

 and cheap wireless energy transmission

 avoiding use of disruptive cables running from

 towers 100 yards apart. Not bad eh ?


He tapped a not-understood universal energy

 field to power generators and cars



Tesla designed and built efficient pumps using

 his boundary-layer technology.


Tesla discovered that the earth is a huge

 conductor. He designed a wireless transmitter

 to make our planet give off powerful electrical

 vibrations so that electricity can be drawn out of

 the ground from any point on the earth’s



The major nations are all doing weather

 manipulation and remote earthquake creation

 using Tesla’s ability to control polar air



He proved that systems can evolve from

 primative turbulent vacuum energy to higher      

  level self-organized coherent structures.


Tesla mastered the use of ELF Extremely Low

 Frequency electrical energy similar to how the

 human brain transmits through nerves to the

 body and the immune system.


He got cheap power by using quantum energy



Quantum physics is a bitch to understand! So

 skip over the following technical detail unless

 you have had some advanced physics exposure:


Tesla made use of random non-linear quantum

 chaotic terrestrial resonance fluctuations of the

 electric flux imbedded within the vacuum fabric

 of zero point T Field space energy, even at 00

 Kelvin in cryogenic work, using the spiralling

 vortex motion of the particles in the plasma.


Tesla designed energy reception spheres similar

 to TV receptor dishes. But the profit-hungry

 businessmen made sure these items never made

 it into wide use since no profit could be made:

  they shut Tesla technology out in the cold and

 kept him and his fantastic inventions out of



Tesla completed electro-magnetic microwave

 background radiation studies useful in

pinpointing black holes.


By painting stealth aircraft with polymer fibers

 and a barium salt chemical mixture Tesla made

 airplanes invisible to radar; and one could view

 what an enemy radar is seeing, and accurately

 shoot down enemy aircraft and missiles.


He warned the US Navy about the dangers of

 tele-transporting people and objects (even a

 ship!) into the future and back through his huge

 oscillation coils.


He warned about using his inventions for

 remote brain changing and mind control.

Amazing !



What a guy! An outstanding Christian... 


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