Hans Hauge - the Martin Luther of Norway


Hans Nielsen Hauge 1774-1824 had a 'Damascus road appearance' in which God said to begin a Christian peasant movement throughout Norway, and train them how to set up small profit centers.

Hans Hauge walked throughout Norway giving 3 or 4 sermons a day. He was very popular and successful. He ended up writing30 books.

He was thrown in prison as a revolutionary agitator, and only let out for a short time, just long enough to show how to build an efficient de-salinization plant. Hans Hauge also knew a lot about converting the flow of sea water to inexpensive energy.

Hans was a follower of Martin Luther and Zwingli, so was unpopular with the Catholic Church and the Norwegian authorities.

This was a badge of courage and 2 feathers in his Christian cap!

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