Definition of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Bride, a person, part of the Trinity.


It is the Family of God, lots of righteous men, women and children who are New Spirits with pure everlasting bodies.


Lucifer, Satan, has counterfeited the Trinity.

He is a person, and has his devilish trinity.


A sperm is more than a power. It creates a human when it joins with an egg, and becomes the physical body of the human who gets a soul added. So a sperm is a person. As is the Holy Spirit.

       The  FAMILY  of  GOD


“Know ye not that your bodies are the Temple (singular) of the Holy Spirit?” Christ’s Temple is His Church, His Bride consisting of “bricks.”


Each white stone is a man, woman or child. They are righteous over-comers who ask the Holy Spirit into their hearts.


This makes sense. The shamrock Trinity God is Father, Son & Family of God.

                         Jesus    Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit Temple is a cube 1,500 miles on a side and 1,500 miles high.


If you take the circumference 6,000 miles as a piece of string and place it on a map of the Middle East it exactly encloses Canaan, home of the 12 tribes!


God the Father went through a divorce with His Chosen People the Jews. His new bride will be 70,000,000 (?) Gentile men, women and children. The new Marriage Supper of Revelation 19 is the last of 12 Annual Feasts

and will take place in the near future.


So realize you are not praying just to a committee of 3 guys – but millions of righteous people. You can have the hope you will be judged worthy, and resurrected to eternal life, rather than with billions of unrepentant sinners judged unworthy and blown to dust, non-existence.


If you are called out into the everlasting Christian family church housed in the Holy Spirits Temple, a new name will be written on your white stone near the cornerstone - Jesus!

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