What If Christians Are Right?

If the Christians are right, what is your future:

I slowly evolved from God created you as a human.

more primitive animals or ancestors God created each separate species.

over millions/billions of years. All in 6 days.

I can live a successful life I live an abundant life

whether there is a higher power or not. showing people love of money

The reality I observe with my 5 senses & profit is the root of most evils.

is an absolute. Reality depends on it. I dig for & make known the whole truth h with the help of Godís Holy Spirit.

It changes as I gain experience.

There is no absolute truth we are The morality and laws in

judged against at any time. Truth the Bible Ė this is the absolute

changes as we gain experience. standard that God judges by.

There will be no dramatic end, Thereís a horrible end just

no widely destructive events, just around the corner, most of

gradual evolution to perfection us will die of ruinous plagues of

for everyone, all of humanity. Godís wrath poured on us.

Everyone will end up in a perfect Most of us will be judged

life, a nirvana, so no hurry, we for living our one life badly

can take our time, live for our own and as a result will no longer exist.

enjoyment, our mistakes can be Ask Jesus for forgiveness,

corrected in future lives. and forgive others now.

Iím improving in reincarnations, Youíll only live just this once.

having millions of years more to God will make a final judgment

learn from my mistakes, never to regarding my one life which could

face a higher powerís judgment. be as soon as the autumn of 2010.

There has been a handful of master Only Christ has an empty grave.

teachers like Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus resurrected,

Christ, Confucius, Indian monks, though guarded by the enemy.

none of them god. Jesus is in the Trinity God.

I am not a Christian. You still have a little time

I am an agnostic, a doubter to take action. Go with divine ethics.

and not at all sure there is a god. Confess and repent. Be forgiven.

There is no life after death There is life after death:

either 1. Forever if you are judged OK, or

2. Just one week, if you are judged

unworthy and are shown that

you would be uncomfortable

in a sinless environment. Then

you are relegated to ashes, non-existence.

.. Ask the divine Christian God for forgiveness of your many mistakes and hurtful acts and slanders

.. Spread Bible truths to every corner of the world, helping to get Jesus to the center of lives

.. Help people to live beyond 98 years by believing in resurrection to eternal life like Jesus did

.. Abundant living comes from following the 10 Commandments of the Christian Trinity God

.. Christian ethics rates above stepping on or causing losses for others, all to make money and profit

.. You canít take it with you, so build a nest-egg of humanitarian acts and good deeds instead

.. Honor your father and mother, that your days will be pleasant during a long healthy life

.. Raise a family rooted in the faith and beliefs of Christianity so they too will live forever

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