Christian God`s 8 functions


 The Christian God's FIRST function - a TRINITY

1.        FATHER,

Jesus the only begotten SON, and


This TRINITY has been on an infinite wheel forever.

JESUS was God from the very beginning as a member of TRINITY an eternity before creation.

The HOLY SPIRIT provides truth-seeking power and 100% accurate PROPHECY, even thousands of years before the events happened. Jesus, when 40 days after His Resurrection He left earth by an Ascension into another quantum dimension, made sure the new church leaders received His replacement on earth the HOLY SPIRIT on Pentecost 10 days later.

2. His SECOND function was CREATOR. God reached out from the infinite wheel and made a mark, a starting point. This was the beginning. Right next to it is the end. God is the Alpha and Omega. He, being at the end, knows everything that will happen, yet we have free will since we function using quantum energy!

God created the heavens and the earth and every living entity on land and in the seas. Look at the colorful fish and birds, the miracle of our human body, the beauty of eyes.

3. His THIRD function was as an UNSEEN tough theocratic LEADER and PROPHET on earth using a rod of iron. God the Father was LEADER through most of the Old Testament. God was an energy glory of fire inside a tent sanctuary. These were destructive years as His people, brought out of Egypt across the Red Sea into the desert for 40 years, were then led into the promised land by Joshua. Many were killed who backslid out of the camp of God, turning against His subordinate leaders.

God, the flame of Shekinah Glory LEADER, was carried by the desert wanderers inside of a tent sanctuary, since one would die just viewing His Holy brightness.

Be aware that God, in the form of a flame, was a LEADER of humans on the earth for some of the Old Testament times. God selected human prophets who were inspired to foretell future events as far ahead as the end days we are now coming into.

One accurate God-inspired prophet after the other came along warning about the future – Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Nehemiah, Hosea, Joel, Daniel, John. Each got their prophetic inspiration from the TRINITY, the flame, their God and LEADER.

4. God's FOURTH function was JESUS Who walked the earth as a sinless human 2,000 years ago, whose parents were Mary and the HOLY SPIRIT, to save sinners that repent, and to destroy the works of the devil as a ‘sacrificial LAMB’. He died for all humans, and will redeem a few of us in a future Resurrection from the dead, a hope we can cherish in our hearts. JESUS was a passive LAMB. In human form JESUS did PROPHECY.

JESUS also was a miraculous HEALER. And each of us can claim the covenant promises in firm faith to do healing ourselves. But you have to verbally invoke a pertinent scripture after you have repented of ALL your sins and asked for forgiveness.

Here are 3 scriptures you can use if you are asking for a self-healing, or you are an intermediary while Jesus comes down to usher out demons possessing someone:

Romans 8:26 “The Holy Spirit can help knock out infirmities. We don’t know quite how we ought to pray for this, but the Holy Spirit in His own groaning form of communication can make intercession for us to help with pain and sicknesses.”

Hebrews 4:16 “If in God’s camp we can at any time stride boldly into the Throne of Grace and obtain mercy and help in a time of need.”

John 14:14,15 “If you are righteous and ask for anything in My Name, I will do it. And if you love Me, keep My Commandments.”

5. His FIFTH function is JESUS as our High PRIEST, the only one in the Order of Melchisidec. Jesus is the only intercessor between us and God the Father, there are no others (no Pope, no ordinary priest). Jesus represents us.

Do we have to go through a Catholic priest, or through the Pope? Or a Protestant minister? Or two Mormons going door-to-door? No. The only way to God the Father is through PRIEST JESUS, the only one who can hide our sins- make us look worthy by covering us with His righteous shed blood.

Jesus lived about 33 years as a human. But humans in power were so threatened by what he had to say that they murdered him! But Jesus, 1/3 of the TRINITY God, comes back from the dead and walked the earth for another 40 days after His Resurrection.

What does Jesus do then? He has another 3rd of the Christian TRINITY God take over for Him on earth, the HOLY SPIRIT. If asked to help, this Spirit will help you to learn the whole truth about nature and God’s character. He can help you with a healing ministry. But you have to take the initiative and ask Him in to build a beachhead in your heart.

Then Jesus rose in the air and disappeared into another quantum dimension to be with His Father. He represents us now as PRIEST giving those who respond a shot at eternal life, a life forever in companionship with Moses,  Paul, John the Revelator, Noah, David, Elijah, Matthew, God the Father, God the Son Jesus, & God the Holy Spirit.

6. His SIXTH function will be as JUDGE. Jesus will JUDGE each one life on its merits according to what is in our hearts. We will not be able to hide anything from Him.

The final Day of Atonement is when all His JUDGMENTS for each of us will be set in concrete. He completes His separation of "wheat", or righteous, from "chaff", those to be burned to ashes.

Jesus will JUDGE between those chosen either to be

… quick, to live eternally, or

to be dead, to no longer exist.

What is His standard and basis for JUDGMENT? His law. The 10 Commandments.

Most Protestants believe that it is not in God's loving character to destroy lives, even of sinners. Most believe that we should accept all our fellow humans, including homosexuals, criminals, illegal aliens, etc. and associate with them no matter what they do to us, our families, or others. Most believe that you should always turn the other cheek, even if family or nation are being fatally attacked or undermined.

But, does the Bible, God's word, support this widespread belief ? NO.

When God’s people returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall – they had a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. We are to use force to protect our family and Christian community. And we are not to get unequally yoked. Avoid any Anti-Christ people.

At a WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT 1,000 years after the JUDGMENT of the righteous, billions of sinners, after realizing their life’s mistakes, will die a Second Death, and then will not exist any more. This is tough love for billions of humans who will go to dust.

In most religious ball games, there is no moment in time of JUDGMENT.

For example, Buddhism puts self-realization first, with self-improvement the basis for living. There is no need for forgiveness by a higher power because they say you get many more lives and chances to undo errors, and correct improper actions and poor damaging decisions.

The Christian God, not fitting into Eastern religious tenets, is left out. The individual rules supreme, ever improving, taking his or her sweet time approaching nirvana or perfection, never having to deal with a JUDGMENT. But the Bible says there will be one soon.

7. God's SEVENTH function will be to return triumphantly as KING of Kings. Jesus will be KING of a righteous group of humans on a sinless and perfect earth once more, no tears, no pain, no sorrow, for an eternity.

Do not forget that God has 2 tough functions:

As a theocratic unseen LEADERPROPHET in the desert, He demanded obedience or else.

As JUDGE He will decide those who will become ashes under the feet of His righteous followers who overcome, are chosen, and receive the gift of eternal life. He will watch as sinners and the devil, everyone not written in the Book of Life, are thrown into the Lake of Fire to burn up, no longer to exist.

The God of the Old Testament is the same as the God of the New Testament. He does not change. 1/7th of the New Testament is Old Testament almost verbatim.

We should not forget or slight any of His 7 FUNCTIONS:


A Prophetic TRINITY



4. LAMB JESUS - PROPHET – HEALER (replaced by

     the HOLY SPIRIT – PROPHET – HEALER on earth)




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