How do you like a guy who is not into football or pubs or modern music or having a pint, but spends all his time traveling around with cult members setting up hundreds of cult schools?

What do you think about a non-Jew who worships on Saturday, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah and Passover in addition to Christmas and New Years?

Can you like him if he slams the Pope, Roman Catholic Church, Church of Ireland and almost all Protestant denominations?

What if on top of all this he is a Roman citizen in Britain, raised by a wealthy aristocratic father and mother? What do you think if he had a secret sex escapade when he was only 15, then leaving the family farm for 6 years?

Hint - he was born and raised in the 5th Century near the Scottish border in Cumbria on an estuary on the UK Irish Sea west coast, which then was the only Roman Empire port to supply the forts on Hadrian’s Wall. His tax-collector father was in charge.


This fellow is Ireland’s patron Saint, none other than Patrick! He taught what the Bible says without changing anything.

He never killed a snake. He never drank to excess in mid-March.

He worshipped on Saturday, and many others learned from him to do the same, such as Columba, Columbanus, Marnock and Mobhi. He celebrated New Years on April Fools Day.

He honored the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. He knew Jesus was not born on December 25th (pagan god Nimrod’s birthday), but under an autumn 2/3 moon.

If you and Patrick and I went to the 2 St Patrick Cathedrals in Armagh next week, he would be amazed that Catholics & Protestants both claim him, when he would have had nothing to do with any Sunday-worshippers who changed the 10 Commandments, along with the dates and reasons for celebrating Bible holidays.

He was kidnapped by Irish pirates from his Roman magistrate father’s large port fort and farm, and thrown on a boat to Ireland, where he was a slave in County Mayo on Killala Bay for 6 years, forced to tend sheep, pigs, cows, horses. He escaped by walking 160 miles to the east coast, where he sailed back and returned home. There he studied for 15 years to be a Pastor in the early Celtic Christian Church.

He then returned to Ireland as a missionary for this Saturday Christian cult, remaining staunchly anti-Catholic to the very end.

Patrick opened 750 monastaries, schools and Bible centers all over Ireland, spending 7 years in each big county, preserving European books and culture since much was burned by ruthless invaders.

Patrick’s major accomplishment –
In 438 AD a collection of the pagan laws was made at the request of St Patrick. King Laegaire (Leary) of Ireland, appointed a Committee of 9 learned and eminent persons, including himself and St Patrick, to revise them. After 3 years these 9 produced a new Code, from which everything that clashed with Christian doctrine was carefully excluded. This is the Senchus Mór Law.

This was the basis for the later writing of the Irish Constitution – shorter and clearer than the US Constitution also based on Christian Bible ethics.

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