Christian Visionaries

“Leaders are visionaries, with a poorly developed sense of fear,

 and no concept of the odds against them. They make things happen.”

5th Century Patrick of Ireland opened over 700 Bible Centers & churches, and personally baptized over 200,000 Irish, against all odds. Check Patrick and his shamrock out on  - in the top rectangle empty white box type in 'TomJHamiltonJr' or "Snake Banisher" and click the Search Button Q.

Many seers are predicting dire events one after the other during the next few years.

They prophesy that life on earth, the way it is going, will end soon.

 Most of them see things ending around 2012, but a more likely end-time is just before 2037.

But the gloom and doom predictions have a silver lining –

a new way of life for those still standing will be sensational!

You and I do NOT by nature tend to worry about the future in a preventive fashion.

 We tend to ignore any warnings, and WAIT until the last minute,

or until an emergency has engulfed us.

 The warnings are there. We just don’t take heed.

It is a good idea for you to check this out. Here is your chance

to see what might be going down from 2012 to 2037.

And in time to take action so as to navigate your way through

the catastrophies predicted to occur during this near-future time table.

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