yes i am

Which kind of Christian am I ?

I qualify as a Christian by definition: I believe in a divine Trinity God much smarter than us humans, God the Father sent His Son Jesus to walk the earth for 33 years as a human facing all the problems we do without ever sinning. Jesus died and resurrected, and He says that we can too if we repent of our sins, ask for forgiveness, and obey His New covenant laws statutes and judgments, giving us reassuring hope. No other god has done this.

The Roman Catholic Church has softened some of its earlier stances. They don't stress as much Pope infallibility, or modern-day "crusades" against Islam. They even take illegal immigrants into the churches.

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The Protestants since Martin Luther have splintered into hundreds of denominations.

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There are many different creeds and sets of beliefs to decide upon.

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What religious ethics among all different kinds of Christians have you chosen for your way of life?...


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