no, i am not...

You are the Pope of your own personal church.


There many Christian denominations that would like to merge with your church, but you need to be very picky.

Read on and maybe you will be helped in determining what you want to do, what to keep, what to throw out as chaff:


Profit rates over self ethics, the end justifies the means.

Tell me not too much but a little about Patrick of Ireland 5th Century



How do you like a guy who is not into football or pubs or modern music or having a pint, but spends all his time traveling around convincing others to join up with his boss, setting up hundreds of schools to learn the ropes?


What do you think about a non-Jew who worships on Saturday, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah and Passover but not on Christmas December 25th or New Years January 1st?


Can you like him if he slams the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church, and would have ripped the Church of Ireland and almost all Protestant denominations too?


What if on top of all this he is a Roman Brit, raised by a wealthy aristocratic father and mother? What about his having a secret sex escapade when he was only 15, then leaving the family farm suddenly for 6 years?


Hint - he was born & raised just south of the Scottish border in NW Cumbria on the UK west coast.




this fellow is a patron Saint, none other than St Patrick of Ireland!


He was kidnapped by Irish pirates from his Roman magistrate father’s large port-fort and farm, and thrown on a boat to Ireland with thousands of others. The Druid King of Tara Neill of the 9 Hostages sent him out to his brother, where he became a slave in northwest Co Mayo near Killala Bay around Fog Hill (Foclut Wood) for 6 years, forced to tend sheep, cows, pigs. He escaped by walking 160 miles to Wicklow on the south coast, where he sailed back and returned home to Walls Castle Ravenglass in NW Cumbria. There he studied for 15 years to be a pastor in his grandfather's and father's Celtic Christian Church.


He then returned to Ireland as a missionary for this Saturday Celtic Christian Church, remaining staunchly anti-Roman Catholic to the very end.


He taught everything the Bible says without blasphemously changing anything. He never killed a snake. He never drank to excess in mid-March.


That’s right, he worshipped on Saturday and taught many others to do the same, such as Columba, Columbanus and Marnock. He celebrated New Years on April Fools Day. He honored the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter several days after the Crucifixion (Passover) under the 1st spring full moon, on a Sunday. He knew that Jesus was not born on December 25th Nimrod’s birthday, but back under the 1st autumn 2/3 moon.


If you and Patrick and I went to the two St Patrick Cathedrals in Armagh in N Ireland UK next week, he would be horrified that Catholics & Protestants both claim him, when he would have nothing to do with Sunday-worshippers who changed the dates and reasons for celebrating Bible holidays, and even changed the 10 Commandments.


These truths have been bent around by historians Jocelyn and Probus in the 12th Century. Patrick was one of the greatest humans to ever walk the earth, right up there with Jesus' disciples, always preaching the same Bible messages as they did. His greatest accomplishment was the rewrite Irish pagan law. His new Brehon law inserted Bible morals and ethics and knocked out pagan dogma. So raise a green beer in honor of a stellar Christian who is not taught in school but deserves to be!!


Don't be mad at God, Satan is still in power for a little longer.

The 6 “days” for creation was 6 eons as evolutionist science says.

Master teachers Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Ghandi, Mohammad not divine, god.

What changes were made to Christmas & New Years?

Maybe long ago, but I don't believe demons or Satan are active now.

Secular humanism is NOT a religion, it is based on science.

The Bible is a religious history with myths written by non-divine men.

But I will defend my family if attacked, using whatever force it takes.

I 'm for national pre-emptive attacks on nations to battle terrorists.

Swiss guns, peace through strength

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